Who is affected?

Some people are affected more than others by ear canal inflammation. The exact reason for this is not known but individual and external factors play a key role. Here you will learn more about preventing the problem.

Preventing ear canal inflammation

Doctors recommend the following way to clean both healthy and diseased ear canals: Pull the ear upwards, backwards and outwards and wipe the ear with a paper tissue after showering or bathing. Be sure to twist the paper into a soft tip. Avoid cotton buds.

Water, heat and a humid environment are often contributing causes. Inflammation can also be caused by putting things in or on the ears, such as headphones, hearing aids, earplugs and cotton buds.

Some people suffer from recurring or chronic ear problems. Taking water precautions with your ears is one of the main ways to prevent ear infections:


  • Avoid unnecessary contact with water.
  • If you cannot avoid contact with water or if you are staying in hot and/or humid climates, avoid water getting into the ear.
  • Wipe the ear after showering and bathing.
  • Do not poke inside your ears.
  • Make sure that you are not suffering from plugs of earwax, the water may get stuck behind the plug and cause inflammation. (use earwax removal drops/spray and have the earwax removed, by yourself or by your health care provider).
  • Make Otinova ear spray part of your home and travel pharmacy and start treating an infection immediately.

At the onset of symptoms

The first symptoms of ear canal inflammation are often itching and irritation in the ears. At this point you should:

  • Avoid bathing and other water activities
  • Avoid soap and shampoo.
  • Use Otinova according to the dosage instructions.
  • If you experience severe pain, prolonged or recurring symptoms, we recommend that you consult a doctor.

Beach holiday

Ear canal inflammation develops easily during a beach holiday due to frequent swimming. You are in a warm and humid environment and can easily get water in your ears.

The simplest way to be prepared, if you, or someone with you, is at risk of an ear infection, is to keep a bottle of Otinova ear spray in your handbag and make Otinova part of your travel pharmacy.

Otinova enables you to treat the problem directly without having to consult a doctor or explain the problem in a foreign language so everyone can enjoy a more pleasant holiday.

  • instruction-icon-1 Easy to useThe spray function and conical nozzle head make Otinova easy to apply. Spray 1–2 times in the ear canal, morning and evening. Tilt the head after spraying so that the fluid flows down into the ear canal.
  • instruction-icon-2 Scientifically and clinically documented effectThe antimicrobial and clinical effects of Otinova are scientifically and clinically documented (ref 1-5). Otinova is locally astringent, relieves itching and has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect.
  • instruction-icon-3 Free of antibiotics and steroidsOtinova is free of antibiotics and does not contribute to antibiotic resistance. Otinova ear spray is a unique self-care medical device for treatment of external otitis. It is also free of steroids.

Otinova® can be purchased at pharmacies, specialist resellers and online (varies between countries).