External otitis and Otinova® ear spray

The diagnose otitis externa is one of the most frequent infections in primary care (ref.8). Treatment often consists of prescription drugs, like antibiotics/steroids.

Otinova ear spray is a documented over-the-counter alternative for treatment.

What is Otinova® ear spray?

Otinova® is a self-care product free from antibiotics and contains aluminium acetate, aluminium acetotartrate and acetic acid, known as Burow’s solution. Otinova® ear spray is the only CE marked medical device that is registered by the Swedish Medical Products Agency for the treatment of external otitis.

Otinova® ear spray can be used by both adults and children.  Children under 5 years of age should not use Otinova® without a doctor’s advice.

How does Otinova® work?

Otinova® acts locally, is astringent, relieves itching and has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect. The antimicrobial and clinical effects of Otinova® are scientifically and clinically documented (ref 1-5).

When to use Otinova®?

Otinova® ear spray is used to treat external otitis. Otinova® is an alternative medication to prescription drugs which contain antibiotics and/or steroids.

If the treatment starts early, when the first symptoms occur, such as itching or tenderness in the ear, then the infection can be easily averted. If the infection has already broken out causing ear pain, Otinova® is an alternative to prescription drugs that are available for external otitis. If the patient do not feel significantly better after 1-3 days of treatment he/she should contact the healthcare.

Otinova® can be used if needed against external otitis in combination with an ear tampon / ear wick.

More information

You can download more information about otitis externa and Otinova®  by clicking on the links below.

Otinova® ear spray – Package Insert Leaflet
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“External otitis – Burow’s solution returns to favour”

Burow’s solution for external otitis
– Scientific summary

Otinova® can be purchased at pharmacies, specialist resellers and online (varies between countries).