Suffering from ear canal inflammation?

Get fast, effective relief with Otinova®

  • Treats bacterial- and fungal infections
  • Relieves itching
  • Easy to use

Otinova ear spray

Otinova is an easy, self-care antibacterial ear spray that treats inflammation of the ear canal. Also known as Otitis Externa, or ‘Swimmer’s Ear’, inflammation of the ear canal can lead to itching and irritation. Our treatment provides scientifically-proven relief* against bacteria and fungi in the ear canal.

Common causes

Frequent showers or baths

Regular use of earphones, headphones, or ear muffs

Hearing aid use

*1. Jinnouchi et al 2012; Kashiwamura et al 2004, Lambert et al,1981, Clayton et al 1990.

Suffering from itchy, irritated ears?

All too many of us endure annoying and unnecessary ear pain. Itching or irritation in your ear canals can be the telltale sign of a bacterial- or fungal infection. Regular use of earphones and headphones can also clog your canals and create an environment prone to bacteria and fungi growth.

  • 1 spray per ear canal, morning and evenings

  • Begins to work immediately with the first spray

  • Most users get relief within 24 hours.* Stop treatment when symptoms disappear.

    *Do not use Otinova for more than 7 consecutive days

Want to know if Otinova really works?

Read what these verified Otinova customers have to say about our ear spray.

  • Tried over 10 different products over last couple of years and finally one that works!! This sorted my constant dry itching ears, regular ear irritation and aches, worked very quickly just one spray each ear noticed difference after just couple of days.. think it has finally resolved my ear issues!! Highly recommend!!


  • Over the years I have tried many treatments including creams, oils, prescription medicines to no avail. I have even been to an ear clinic to try to ease the itch and pain in my ears. I can’t believe that the product is so effective. Having read reviews, I thought that I would give it a try and I just wish that I had found this spray years ago. Now I sleep soundly with no ear pain/itch waking me. I can only speak from my own experience with this, it works for me!!


Self-care spray treatment for your itchy, irritated ears

Damp, blocked ear canals create the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi growth. The same is true if you take frequent baths or showers. Early symptoms like itching or soreness can be a sign that you should begin treatment.