An easy remedy for treating
ear canal inflammation.


Otinova® ear spray

Are you suffering from itchy, sore ears? Maybe after spending a lot of time in the water?

Otinova® ear spray enables you to treat inflammations of the ear canal (external otitis) yourself as soon as symptoms appear. The spray relieves itching, is astringent and has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. (ref. 1-5). It is simple to use and to bring with you.

When does Otinova® ear spray help?

Otinova® ear spray is used to treat an inflammation of the external ear canal (external otitis). If treatment is started as soon as the first symptoms such as mild discomfort or itching occur in the ear, the infection can be averted immediately. If the inflammation is already established, Otinova® is an alternative to prescription drugs, for the treatment of external otitis. Otinova® ear spray can be used by both adults and children. Children under 5 years of age should not use Otinova® without a doctor’s advice.

  • instruction-icon-1 Easy to useThe spray function and conical nozzle head make Otinova® easy to apply. Spray 1–2 times in the ear canal, morning and evening. Tilt the head after spraying so that the fluid flows down into the ear canal.
  • instruction-icon-2 Scientifically and clinically documented effectThe antimicrobial and clinical effects of Otinova® are scientifically and clinically documented (ref 1-5). Otinova® is locally astringent, relieves itching and has an antibacterial and anti-fungal effect.
  • instruction-icon-3 Free of antibiotics and steroidsOtinova® is free of antibiotics and does not contribute to antibiotic resistance. Otinova® ear spray is a unique self-care medical device for treatment of external otitis. It is also free of steroids.